Young Boy Gives His $5000 Bar Mitzvah Money To His Best Friend So Ellen Rewards Them Both

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 May 2016, 4:40PM

Recently, young Jesse had his bar mitzvah.

Before he took his step into manhood, he happened to read about a young girl with a rare brain tumor back in 2011. She and her mother had to regularly fly to Boston for treatment, and it was taking a huge hit on their bank account. She was a total stranger to him at this point, but he still knew that he had to do something to make her life better.

He wrote her a loving letter and sent $20 to go towards her medical expenses.

Then, they ended up in the same class at school! And he donated his full $5000 to the young girl in need.

Watch what happened when Ellen had Jesse and Jasmine on her show...