Bride defies wedding traditions in the best way possible

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Monday, 12 June 2017, 2:25PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Grace Limon knew since she was a little girl what she would be wearing on her big day - and white wasn't in the picture.

The stunning bride instead wore a gorgeous blush gown designed by Hayley Paige Bridal for her wedding, defying the tradition of a bride donning a white dress for her nuptials.

But she didn't stop here, Grace, 30, also decided that she wanted her bridesmaids to wear white.

Talking to the Daily Mail Australia, Grace revealed that she knew she wanted to stray from what was usually expected of a bride.

"I was like no, that's not me, I can't do it", she explained.

"I love pink, purple, I like something a bit different from the norm."

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"It was a really big risk,' she admitted. "But it really paid off. I felt like a princess in it."

"I went with what my gut was telling me and just went for it."

Grace went on to explain why she chose white for her bridesmaids, and through trial and error, the blushing bride knew that white was what was going to work best.

"[It was] so could stand out!"

"We tried other colours and it didn't work and the white just made my dress stand out more."