Nigella Lawson reveals how she achieved her incredible weight loss

Nigella Lawson is best known for two things: delicious food, and her curvaceous figure.

But after a break from the spotlight, the British celebrity chef set tongues wagging in July after showing off a far slimmer frame than usual in a behind-the-scenes snap from her new BBC TV series At My Table

Day 2 on set with @robinfox78 on camera for new series, At My Table #atmytable

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Fans were quick to comment on her figure, with many complimenting her on the new look.

One said, "How great do you look [Nigella Lawson]!"

While another added, “Wow. You have lost so much weight."

And now the domestic goddess, who has slimmed down from a size 16 to a size 12, has revealed the ingredients to her recipe for weight loss.

The 57-year-old doesn't deprive herself when it comes to indulging.

When she needs to cut down on calories, she doesn't eliminate the good stuff altogether - and doesn't stress over slip ups.

"Why not just eat less of something, rather than having a low-fat version?" she says.

"The girlfriends I have who are on permanent diets come straight into my kitchen, open cupboards, open cookie tins, and eat ice cream. When I want a bit of chocolate, I have a bit of chocolate. And then I don't have to eat 10 bars of it! I'm not denying myself, so I don't get that obsessive craving."

Nigella also practices Iyengar yoga three times a week.

"I feel like I haven't lost weight, but I'm possibly in better shape. I am doing a rather slow form of yoga now called Iyengar," she revealed. “As you get on in life, you value feeling well as opposed to looking well. Yoga certainly makes you feel great, and you want to carry on feeling great.”

Sounds like the perfect "diet" to us!