Would you try sneak your own alcohol into a wedding?

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Thursday, 3 August 2017, 2:30PM
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After splashing out on transport, accommodation and a gift, a cash bar can come as a blow to wedding guests - and their wallets.

But would you ever consider smuggling your own booze into the reception?

The question divided Mumsnet users who debated whether it was "disgraceful behaviour" or entirely acceptable - and even swapped tips on how best to do it without being caught, the Daily Mail reports.  

The majority of users revealed they had resorted to bringing in their own bottle, arguing that venues charge "extortionate" amounts for drinks.

One wrote: "I did it. Hotel, middle of nowhere, extortionate bar prices. We were already paying to stay in the hotel, so I took a hip flask with vodka into the reception. Just bought cokes & topped up."

Another added: "I've done and I don't feel bad about it in the slightest. I've taken Malibu in a water bottle and bought pineapple juice at the bar. I did buy drinks when I was there, but not as many as I wanted as the prices in these venues are sky high."

Others offered ingenious tips on how to bring in bottles of wine, including wrapping them to look like a wedding gift. 

However, some warned against the idea, pointing out how it can lead to extra costs for the bride and groom. 

One poster shared: "Make sure you take your empties with you as I've read stories where the bride and groom were charged the equivalent price in 'lost sales' when the venue found the empty bottles under the tables."

A handful of users branded the tactic "tacky", with one writing: "The idea of sneaking in booze is tacky, cheap and desperate. 

"I would be seriously worried about my drinking if I had to do this. You're there to celebrate your friends' marriage - do you need to get slaughtered to do that?"

Another said the responsibility was on the bride and groom to make sure their guests could afford to enjoy their evening. They wrote: "To m, it seems really tacky to 'smuggle' alcohol into a wedding reception, but it also seems really tacky & cheap to expect people to have to fork out & buy drinks at a wedding reception. 

"Don't have a wedding reception you can't afford. Either cut down on the guest numbers, or opt for a cheaper venue such as 'self-catering'."

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.