Here's What 'Josh Baskin' From 'Big' Looks Like Now

David Moscow (now 41 years old) was best known for playing young Joshua Baskin in the 1988 classic, Big, where Tom Hanks played older Joshua Baskin.

Moscow had initially auditioned (badly) for the part of Josh's best friend, Billy, in the film at a time when Robert De Niro was set to play the part of older Josh.

When Moscow didn't get a callback, he wasn't surprised.

But when De Niro dropped out of the production and Hanks was brought on, Penny had Moscow brought back in months later for a new audition. He nailed it and got the part.

After his huge success in 1988, he landed the role of David Jacobs in Newsies (1992) and also starred in Just Married (2003).

Moscow made headlines between 2004 and 2007 when he dated, and was engaged to, actress Kerry Washington. Unfortunately their relationship fell through early 2007. 

Moscow is now married to a woman named Karen Riotoc Moscow 

In 2012, Moscow produced his first film, Hellbenders. He is currently directing the thriller Desolation.