Mr Burger Marries Miss King.... Burger King Pays The Bill!

In a strong front-runner for the wedding of the year, Mr Burger has tied the knot with his fiancee Miss King.

Illinois couple Joel Burger, 24, and Ashley King, 25, had known each other since kindergarten, but made headlines this year when they announced their engagement outside a Burger King restaurant.

In a stroke of marketing genius, the fast food chain contacted the couple and offered to pay for their nuptials.

"When we heard about the happy Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage," spokesman Eric Hirschhorn said.

The couple became official when they were married at the Annie Merner Chapel on the campus of MacMurray College in Jacksonville last Friday.

All members of the wedding party wore the classic Burger King cardboard crown and photos from the occasion show the groomsmen pulling their white shirts open to reveal black Burger King t-shirts underneath.

Guests sipped from mason jars with the Burger King logo and received a complimentary $10 gift card for later.

Hamburger themed socks and Burger King cufflinks were also on display and even the town's local Burger King got in on the celebration, changing their sign to read, "Congratulations Ashley and Joel".

King will be taking her husband's name, becoming Mrs Burger. But her hubby reassured guests after the ceremony that, "it will forever be Burger King."

The couple have been known as Burger-King since childhood.

Source- NZ Herald / Photos- Getty Images