This bride has been slammed over her expectations from her guests

Publish Date
Friday, 24 November 2017, 4:35PM

One woman has been slammed after hitting out at her friends for not complimenting her wedding invites FIVE days after they were sent.

Taking to Mumsnet, the unimpressed bride-to-be said she had "spent ages" having her invites designed and that her friends had failed to acknowledge it.

"Am I being unreasonable? I have spent ages having my invites designed and have been sending them out. Surprised at the amount who haven't acknowledged the invite yet," she said.

"One of my closest friends hasn't said anything, I text and said have you had chance to open your invite? She said no we are eating breakfast.

"Am I being precious about the wedding invite, I only gave to her it in person Friday.

"I'm annoyed no response to my invite. What would you do?"

Much to her dismay, other users were quick to disagree with her expectations.

One user wrote: "You want comments on the actual invite? Are you serious? You will drive everyone crazy by your wedding date if you are like this over a card."

Another added: "Not everyone is obsessed with weddings."

A third said: "There are a few issues there! Have you gone Bridezilla? Talk of nothing else? I'm sorry, but no one actually cares what your wedding invitations look like."

What do you think? Is she being crazy?