Northland brothel's 'Kiwi Kissing Coach' course

Publish Date
Monday, 12 February 2018, 12:23PM

A Whangarei brothel is offering men seeking companionship lessons in "how to get a Kiwi girlfriend".

Starting next week - just in time for Valentine's Day - clients of the escort agency The Bach can sign up to the three-part course it has called the "Kiwi Kissing Coach" or "how to get a Kiwi girlfriend".

The sessions cost $350 in total and won't involve sexual intercourse. Instead the sex workers will teach participants how to approach a woman in a flirtatious, respectful way, how to flirt via text (and use emojis), and how to kiss, as well as tackling talking about sex and specifically asking for consent.

The brothel's madam Antonia Murphy told the Herald on Sunday she decided to add "Kiwi Kissing Coach" to the list of services it provides after feedback from many clients who were immigrants - a number of whom were South Asian - and were seeking intimacy and companionship.


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