Matty McLean gives the random number in his phone a call live on air!

When putting someone's number in your phone have you ever fallen victim to putting a random name with it? Whether it was your hairdresser, plumber or your child's teacher it’s something many of us do when we’re in a rush or simply forget someone's name. 

When looking through his phone, Matty discovered a “Ron Rugby”. With no recollection of this person or how he found his way into Matty contacts, curiosity got the better of him and he decided to give Ron a call, in the hopes of getting some answers. However the conversation that ensued failed to clear the fog and the identity of “Ron Rugby” remains unclear. 

Matty’s quest for clarity ended in more questions than answers, leaving Matty still none the wiser on who the hell “Ron Rugby” is. 

Watch the call unfold above. 

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