Kiwis reveal the hilarious and horrifying times their guests broke wedding etiquette

There’s nothing more awkward than breaching wedding etiquette on someone’s big day …

After Jono heard a shocking story of someone deciding to not only bring a plus-one but a plus-four group of friends … UNINVITED … to someone else’s wedding the boys opened up the phone lines to Kiwis who have seen others break those unspoken wedding rules.

Ben kicked things off by revealing that his wife made him wait 47 minutes before she walked down the aisle. Her reason was pretty hilarious though, telling Ben: "Well you made me wait seven years for this so …"

Fair enough!

However, other people’s cringe-worthy breeches weren’t quite as excusable …

Rachel of Taupo sadly experienced the NUMBER ONE wedding etiquette fail on her big day.

"My mother-in-law wore all white to our wedding," she revealed. "We have quite a tense relationship so I wasn’t really surprised."

Oh, dear …

Meanwhile, Sarah of Palmerston North explained that her "bridesmaid ended up hooking up with the bass player from the wedding band."

"But the biggest breach was that I had paid for them to be playing and he definitely was not [on stage]”.

Wow!!  Now that’s pretty bad!

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