Sarah Gandy spills on some of the things she loves the most

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 11:43AM
Radio host Sarah Gandy on her swinging chair. Photo / Babiche Martens

Radio host Sarah Gandy on her swinging chair. Photo / Babiche Martens

The Hits' Sarah Gandy knows a thing or two about a good tune — so it’s no wonder a record player is among her most treasured items.

Sarah chatted with Viva this week about some of her prized possession. Her favourite spot in the home she shares with her film editor husband Luke Haigh is their bedroom, backing on to a garden filled with birdlife. “It’s funny, I used to like the idea of things and clutter.

I was quite obsessed with The Selby books for a while, which are so famously filled with quirky homes packed with odd and exciting objects. That’s changed now, I still like odd and quirky objects, but when it comes to design, clean, minimal but homely is definitely where I’m at.”

Alongside her media pursuits, Sarah is also a keen reader, an avid supporter of the Women’s Collective and self-confessed “dog lady”. She is pictured here with Pico and Poppy.

Come February, she’ll be part of The Hits’ new Auckland breakfast show, joined by Sam Wallace and Toni Street.


1. Record player
I love music (my jobs are a bit of a giveaway on that front) — but there’s something quite fantastic about stepping away from your iTunes library for a moment and really actively choosing what you’re listening to. It’s a really social way of enjoying music — plus it gives my family a never-ending pot of Christmas present options — vinyl for days!

Sarah's record player. Photo / Babiche Martens

2. Stone from the beach from our wedding
Luke and I were married just south of Cloudy Bay in Marlborough. Jade, my brides-man, found this rock on the coast next to the house and brought it back as a keepsake. It sits on the island between our kitchen and lounge as a daily reminder of five of the most special days of my life.

3. Swinging chair
Like many special places, this is both a place of solitude and a place of great conversation. The chair sits on our porch overlooking a reserve next to our house, the pavement beyond and gets the end-of-day sun. I love sitting here (sometimes with a drink in hand), watching the world go by, the birds fly past and the sun set. It’s also a great place for a drink and a chat.

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