Toni Street reveals hilarious toilet dilemma while at work

One of the things we love about Toni Street is her kind heart.

But this week Toni's extreme niceness left her in quite the predicament while she was paying a visit to the bathroom.

In The Hits office, the door to the staff toilets is situated right beside a door to the basement.

As the mum-of-three was making her way to the bathroom, she noticed a man was holding the basement door open for her.

"So about 10 or 15 metres out, there is a man standing by the door to the basement and he looks at me as if I'm going down to the basement," she explained.

"And he's got the door open and he's got that sort of 'I'm doing something nice for you puppy dog face.'"

"But I'm not going down to the basement."

So, not wanting to "let the man down", Toni did the only thing she thought she could – she walked through the door and pretended she was going down to the basement.

"I hung out in the corridor for a few seconds till he walked away and then I nipped back in and went to the bathroom like I was intending," she added.

Awwww, Toni! Your unexpected detour made us laugh!

Watch her explain the story herself above.