Nicole Kidman finally responds to THAT awkward Rami Malek snub ...

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Thursday, 10 January 2019, 11:30AM

It turns out Rami Malek wasn't the only one left embarrassed after Nicole Kidman snubbed his attempts to chat onstage at the 2019 Golden Globes.

The 'Big Little Lies' actress has revealed she was "mortified" when she realised the cringe-worthy moment was going viral.

You know, the awkward moment that happened after she presented 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with the Best Picture gong at last week's ceremony, then accidentally snubbed the Malek—twice—when he got onstage and tried to greet her.

"We're really good friends. I just did not feel his hand on my back so I was mortified," the 51-year-old actress told 'Entertainment Tonight' on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards.

"I love that man. He's so gentle and softly spoken. He's a darling."

But despite the apparent awkwardness, the two stars were "laughing" about the incident just days later.

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"He sent me an email [about the incident]. I sent him an email... we were laughing, actually," Kidman added. "We were both in a bit of a daze."

Malek also opened up about the incident, when he reunited with Kidman on the red carpet.

He said: "Nicole's the best and we've been having a laugh about it together, she's another one I've admired for so many years."

The 'Mr. Robert' star had previously admitted he found the publicity surrounding the snub "ridiculous".

"She's been a friend for a long time, and that's why the whole thing I find absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. But I'm having a laugh about it all," he said.

"I got up there, and I was in such a daze I don't even know how I put together a collection of words that sounded coherent."

"So the fact that I knew Nicole [was there], I was like, 'Oh, here's a bit of safety.' And then she just didn't see me. It was as simple as that."