The unfortunate incident that could have stopped Netflix's new Sabrina remake from being made

Netflix witchingly good new series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has taken the world by storm.

But there’s a little fun fact that almost stopped the show in its tracks, which the show's star Kiernan Shipka shared with Late Night host Seth Meyers.

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Party time.

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Although one of her best pals in the series is her faithful black cat Salem, it turns out that the 18-year-old actress is actually allergic to the furry feline.

And what’s worse is that Kiernan didn’t realise she had the allergy before filming and actually broke out in hives after her first scene with the kitty cat.

"Truly I didn’t expect to be allergic to cats," she said, "no idea whatsoever."

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My familiars😍

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"I found out when I brought the cat so close to my face and then the next day had hives everywhere beyond belief."

While this could have meant halting production on the show,  Kiernan explains that she was able to continue shooting the show thanks to a little medication, although she admits there may be a few scenes early on in the show where her words slurred a little because of it.

Oh dear!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a darker remake of the 90s TV show Sabrina The Teenage Witch starring Melissa Joan Hart and takes places in the same universe as the hit series Riverdale which stars Kiwi actor KJ Apa.