Bride labelled a 'bridezilla' for refusing mother-in-law's 'unkind' request

A young woman has been called a "bridezilla" by her husband-to-be after refusing his mother's request to hide her wheelchair in her wedding photos.

The bride, who shared her story on Reddit, uses a wheelchair daily as she can't walk or stand well and it causes her severe pain, writes the Daily Mail.

But her mother-in-law was horrified to find she planned to use her wheelchair on the big day and demanded she reconsider "for her own sake".

She told the bride she wanted her to "look nice" in the photos and would "miss out on normal photos" if she used her wheelchair on the day.

"I'm pretty upset at this I won't lie, I felt like she was acting as if my chair was something to hide or worse something ugly with how she talked about how it'd be better for pictures and look nicer," the bride wrote.

"I told her to mind her own f***ing business and that I'd do whatever I feel is best and that as it's my wedding and I'm paying for the photographer I'll decide how I want to look for my pictures."

But her response didn't go down well with her mother-in-law - who told her she was being "touchy and unreasonable".

"She even complained to my partner about this and he has told me that I am being a 'bridezilla' with how aggressive I've been to his mother.

"He said I need to be less touchy, and that I can use my chair on the day but I can't jump down his mother's throat like that," the bride wrote.

And many agreed her future husband and her mother were in the wrong, with one man calling it "red flag" behaviour.

"Your husband-to-be is an a**hole for getting upset with you for putting his ableist mother in her place, as is she for even suggesting that you hide your chair," he wrote.

"And the fact he said 'you can use your chair on the day'. It's not his pain nor body, not his decision."

He wasn't the only one to criticise the bride's husband-to-be.

"The way he's calling her a 'bridezilla' for 'jumping down his mother's throat' about defending her decision to use her makes me think that if it's not his idea to begin with he at the very least sees nothing wrong with coercing her to push herself to do something she's not comfortable with," another commented.

"Makes me think the apple didn't fall very far from the tree."

One even told her to "reconsider the wedding".

Another woman shared her own experience of people's reaction when she wanted to wear her glasses on her wedding day.

"I've worn glasses since I've been 12 and I'm pretty blind without them, so yes, I am going to wear them. I also don't look like myself without glasses," she said.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald in 2019 and republished here with permission.