Bride slammed over rant against wedding guest who refused invite due to Covid-19

An "entitled" bride has been slammed online for ranting about guests who refused to come to her wedding because of the pandemic.

The anonymous US bride shared a screen grab of her friend's answer to an RSVP telling her they didn't want to attend gatherings, according to the Daily Mail.

The bride then claimed she didn't care about any of the guests except her fiance and said it was her right to be annoyed as it was "her day".

The rant was posted on the That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming Facebook group, where social media users called her an "a******" for reacting like that.

It was shared by another bride, who wrote: "I recently joined a wedding group specific to the month and year I'm getting married in.

"This is one of the VERY entitled posts I've seen in the past two days."

"I know I'm emotional and moody as HELL right now," the screenshot read.

"But this is the c*** that ticks me off... You don't need to tell me 'I'm not attending gatherings right now'... JUST DECLINE."

She signed off: "a seriously annoyed (perhaps too annoyed) Covid bride" - perhaps acknowledging that she'd overreacted.

But it didn't go down well with social media users.

"It's a weird time. I think it's a valid reason though maybe a bit abrasive," one wrote.

"You can't be angry at people for saying no during a pandemic."

But the bride argued that she had the right to be angry because her wedding was "her day".

"I literally don't care about the people. I care about my future husband and I that we will be married, that's it."

But that didn't go down so well either, with one person commenting: "The phrase 'It's MY day' makes me want to reflexively punch brides in the face. Get over yourself."

"'ItS mY DaY!' People, its a wedding, not a coronation," another wrote.

"Was that response aggressive? My god this bride is an a******," another commented.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.