Brides and grooms are now able to get married at McDonalds for just $600

It turns out couples wanting to tie the knot can now officially get married McDonald's!

The McDonald's wedding experience comes with everything a bride and groom would need -  minus the rings, but plenty of nuggets.

From around HK$3,000 (NZ$600)  you can get the wedding treatment, complete with venue hire, food, decorations, wedding favours to give to guests and MC's to host the ceremony.

The official website states: "Thinking about throwing a really special party for your wedding, engagement, anniversary or bridal shower? Think McDonald’s."

While you will have to bring along a wedding officiant to make the marriage legal, you will also have to jump on a plane and head to Hong Kong for the experience, as the wedding isn't offered in many other countries.

Youtuber, Safiya Nygaard, recently posted a video where she visited Hong Kong and had her very own McDonald's wedding - you can watch that below: