Bride's 'questionable' wedding dress gets mocked online for awkward 'rose wedgie'

Brides can spend forever shopping for their dream wedding dress, often trying on hundreds before they find the one.

But one bride has been slammed for her dress of choice after a photo of the gown was shared online, according to the Sun.

The dress is being mocked for having a "rose wedgie" at the base of its corset-style bodice.

Three chunky roses are sewn directly over the bride's bottom, with matching floral details over the shoulder straps.

The snap of the anonymous bride was shared in the Facebook group "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming", in which hundreds of people have made fun of the design.

And though some admitted they didn't mind it, many called it a "floral wedgie" due to the unfortunate placing of the roses.

"That rose placement… Veeery questionable," one commented.

"This cannot be a trend. I refuse to believe that," another wrote.

Some thought the dress would have been fine without the roses.

"The dress looks promising but that rose placement ruins it," one said.

"This would be a beautiful dress.... without the butt roses."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.