Cadbury announces they're dropping the size of family chocolate block - and Kiwis are not happy!

Publish Date
Friday, 8 February 2019, 9:35AM

2019 is not off to a good start ...

First, it was the Marshmallow Easter Eggs and now Cadbury is changing our beloved family chocolate block!

That's right. The confectionery company has taken to Facebook to announce that smaller blocks will be hitting our shelves next month, in an attempt to cut business costs - and Kiwis are VERY upset.

"We're committed to delivering the best quality Cadbury chocolate to you at the best possible price. Unfortunately, over the last few years, we've seen our costs go up," Cadbury said in its social post.

"Rather than raising the recommended retail price, we've made the call to reduce the size of our Cadbury family blocks so that they can continue to be an affordable treat for all Kiwis."

Anyone else getting a sense of deja vu? That's probably because Cadbury did the same thing four years ago when its standard 220g block of Dairy Milk went down to 200g.

Taking to social media, hundreds of heartbroken Kiwis expressed their disappointment about the changes.

"The blocks are already smaller than they used to be. It's also not as nice either. Well done Cadbury you will lose even more customers now. Don't get me started on your new disgusting Roses!! I will never ever buy them again," one user said.

Kiwis outraged over the changes to Cadbury's Marshmallow Eggs ...

The kids from the Cadbury eyebrow ad are all grown up now!

"So you've decided to give the customer less for the same price great work," another said.

"I'm never buying anything Cadbury again. What a joke you have become," said an upset Kiwi consumer.

The new change will see Dairy Milk standard blocks go from 200g to 180g. A family block of Dairy Milk sells for $3.79 at New World right now.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Picnic will go from 180g to 170g while Old Gold will diminish in size from 200g to 180g.

However, Cadbury Bubbly bars will head slightly in the other direction, growing from 155g to 160g.