Groom gets shamed for having 'disgusting' nails on wedding day

Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

When it comes to your wedding day you'd expect the bride and groom to be at their tidiest and cleanest best.

But one close up image of a groom's on his wedding day has left viewers disgusted after they were caked in mud and grime under his nails.

The image, which was shared on a wedding shaming group on Facebook, was meant to show off the couple's brand new rings, but their diamonds were overshadowed by the filth under the groom's nails.

Viewers took to social media to highlight the groom's major oversight with many dumfounded how it wasn't dealt with before the wedding.

Photo / Facebook

"The rest of his hand looks pretty clean so uhhhh you'd think you'd clean your nails on your WEDDING DAY! This is disgusting," one person wrote.

Another added: "I'd be humiliated if my man's nails looked like that and I had actual documentation of it."

"I just can't get with these men who can't be bothered to make an effort even ONE TIME for the person they are promising to spend their life with," one said.

However, some stood up for the groom, with many saying people shouldn't judge him based on one photo.

"At least she has a working man. It's a shame y'all are degrading this man."

Another wrote: "It could be he is a mechanic or works with dirty, oily substances that are hard to get out of your hands and nails. You don't marry someone for their nails. Bet he's a hard worker."

Others suggested the couple could be so deeply in love that the little things – like perfect nails – just aren't important.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.