Heated debate sparks over wedding guest's red 'lingerie' dress dubbed 'too hot'

Photo / Reddit

Photo / Reddit

There’s one simple unspoken rule when it comes to wedding guest attire: Don’t upstage the bride!

However, it seems one wedding guest missed that memo after deciding to wear a bright red see-through dress that has been dubbed "too hot" on Reddit.

 A photo of the anonymous woman’s outfit was shared with the online forum and quickly sparked a heated debate over whether or not it was appropriate to wear the sheer corseted dress to someone else’s big day.

"Hot wedding guests, but talk about stealing attention from the bride with that sheer dress!" the original post read.

Many Reddit users were left shocked by the guest’s bold dress choice, with some noting that perhaps she had a grudge against the bride.

"OOF, someone is making a STATEMENT with that dress!" one user commented, before adding, "However, I feel like she's gotta have some beef with the bride – that dress way too hot for a wedding lol."

"This seems a little inappropriate for a family gathering. You have to dress for the event," another said.

"If the top part wasn't sheer it would be OK for a wedding. It's a cute dress just not this event," another person added.

"She looks great in it but it looks like lingerie," another said about the lacey gown.

However, others jumped to the nameless woman’s defense, citing that she may have not been the only one wearing a daring look.

Photo / Reddit

"I'd be interested to know what the bride, bridal party, and other guests are wearing. While this is much too risqué of a dress for me and my circle, I can see it being the norm for some circles, especially the flashy lifestyle influencer ones," one person said.

"It depends on the vibe of the wedding. This would be fine for an upscale, non-religious 'chic' wedding. I planned a wedding for a couple in an NYC museum. The bride worked in fashion and several guests came in sexy, gender-bending, or high fashion clothing," a wedding planner added.

"It's a bit much but at least it's not white. It's on the tacky side but I wouldn't shame her," said another added.

While some were glad the woman had at least opted to not wear white like the bride, one user noted that red may not have been any better.

"I also think just in general it's polite to not wear anything to a wedding that is going to be more eye-catching than the bride in her wedding dress," they said.

What do you think? Is this wedding guest’s dress inappropriate for someone else’s big day?