Man's wife threatens to leave if he doesn't use her 'teeth grindingly annoying' nickname

A wife is threatening to leave her husband if he doesn't call her by the nickname she's had for years - despite the fact he finds it so annoying that it makes his blood boil.

Her parents had come up with the name Michael when they thought their baby was going to be a boy, but it turned out they had a girl instead.

However, her parents decided to nickname her Michael, and the nickname for their daughter stuck.

Now she's known by everyone as Michael and introduces herself with that name.

But this has caused a division between her and her husband. He says she is all grown up now and he finds it impossible to call her by the name Michael.

According to her husband, he finds it "teeth-grindingly annoying".

Taking to social media, he explained the story and asked for advice.

"My wife was supposed to be a boy," he said. "Her parents had picked out the name Michael for her but well she wasn't a boy.

"However for whatever reason, they made Michael her nickname and everyone calls her that. Her name isn't Michael.

"When I met her, I found it kinda cute that everyone called her that. Now it's just annoying. Hardly anyone calls my wife her name. Her parents, friends, family, co-workers – she'll tell complete strangers to call her Michael."

However, he has said his patience has worn thin and no longer accepts his wife's nickname.

"As I said, it is no longer cute and just teeth-grindingly annoying to hear the name Michael throw out our marriage.

"I asked her if she can stop using the nickname or switch to a feminine nickname like Michelle.

"She shot me down saying Michael is her name. I told her no it's not! We got into a small argument where I pointed out she's not taking my feelings into consideration here!"

Following their argument, he says their relationship is strained.

"She told me to leave the house and to come out when I want to talk. It's my house too! In the end, my wife took a bag and went to her brother's house.

"I called once I thought she had cooled down and again asked that for the sake of our marriage for her to stop encouraging the nickname. She hung up on me. I'm not asking much. Just don't want people calling my wife Michael anymore!"

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.