Model sparks controversy after flaunting insanely flat post-baby body

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Friday, 3 November 2017, 9:46AM

Fitness model Sarah Stage is no stranger to controversy.

The 33-year-old first made headlines around the world in 2015 after showing off a tiny baby bump when she was at full term in her first pregnancy.

Stage then became embroiled in a "social media firestorm" again this year after she shared a photo of a toned body when she was six months pregnant with her second child.

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Comments on the Instagram post ranged from "what bump" and "I am so confused as to how this is possible" to the more brutal "six months pregnant? You are lying".

But now the fit mum is facing new backlash, after she posted a photo literally two weeks after giving birth by c-section of a slim, ab-filled post-baby stomach.

"Enjoying this newborn phase, it’s true what everyone says that it goes by so fast. It’s been nice resting, healing and cuddling with the babes," she wrote.

"Still recovering from c section and continuing to take it easy at home. My goal is to make it all the way through trick or treating tomorrow with the family".

Followers quickly slammed Stage for purporting unrealistic post-birth body expectations.

"I don't think this is a realistic look for most women who have just given birth...", one wrote.

"I'm sorry, but you give completely fake perception of how pregnancy and labour look like. Women around the world struggling so many ways", a second added.

Another simply commented: "Fake!"

While one follower made the dig: "I guess she really was pregnant then".

Well, it’s been a week since Baby Logan was born and there’s been so much on my mind! We are so happy and baby is doing great! I’m slowly but surely recovering from another c section! If we aren’t at a doctors appointment then I’m usually in bed most of the day because my incision is still healing obviously! I wear pads the size of ✈️ and jeans/jeggings hold them in place (so kindly stfu if you’re going to judge a woman who just gave birth on just her outfit 😘). I even got messages of people getting mad about having my make up and hair done in my last post. My make up team consisted of just me being in a hospital bed with a mirror and an extra 10 minutes... but who cares? Why can’t we look and feel good whenever we want? Whether ur wearing make up or not... you’re fabulous and it’s really no ones business. Social media sometimes can give the illusion of a certain type of life (I’ve gotten messages saying wow it must be so easy you’re already up and about & I wish I could say that everything is back to normal but I’d be lying !) You know that JUST LIKE YOU, I’m doing the best I can while having swollen boobs, pads in my nursing bra, ✈️ pads granny panties, baby spit up on my shirt, crazy hormones, no sleep BUT it’s all worth it!! 👶🏻 I hope that Now, since I have ANOTHER healthy baby, it will show you that although we are all different, we all care about ONE outcome over anything else and that is a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy!! And lastly, shoutout to all the women (not just mommies) who got my fitness guide and are reaching their fitness goals!! I’m so happy and excited you are loving your results !! 🙌🏼 can’t wait for my own SnapBack in 6 weeks or so! 💋 The amount of sweet comments and messages have been overwhelmingly nice and we really appreciate the kind words. Now back to cuddling with my babes 💋 #WeGotThis #momlife #1weekoldToday #teamnosleep #2for2

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Stage's son Logan Alexander was born on October 16, weighing seven pounds, two ounces.

She already has son James Hunter, born April 14 2015, weighing eight pounds, 7 ounces.