This bride let all 15 of her bridesmaids pick their own dresses and the result is truly breathtaking!

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Friday, 29 December 2017, 6:05AM

As if buying your own wedding dress wasn't stressful enough, trying to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party can literally be a nightmare!

You've got to deal with individual personalities, different tastes, varying body shapes, skin tones, heights and weights.


Some brides try to make the experience a bit easier on themselves by letting their 'maids pick their own dress styles, as long as it's a certian colour.

But one bride decided to take this to the next level, giving all FIFTEEN of her bridesmaids total freedom in their choice of outfit for her wedding.

And all we can say is WOW!

my beauties 🌸 #maxibelle

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There's something so stunning about the different colours and styles.

Talk about breathtaking!