This is how much the average bride spends on her wedding dress ...

Publish Date
Friday, 5 April 2019, 2:50PM

There's no denying wedding dresses mean a lot to brides.

It's usually the biggest decision we make about our big day. 

But while it's often expected that brides will spend A LOT of money on the dress they'll only wear once (hopefully!) ... you may be surprised to learn that the amount most women are willing to spend on their dress is actually going down.

According to a new survey from e-commerce site Lyst, the average bride is only looking to spend around $998 USD (NZ$1,453) on her dress. That's significantly less than last year's mean of US$1,334 (NZ$1,975).

Lyst also revealed that searches for unconventional bridal styles — like jumpsuits and pantsuits — are up 30 per cent, which they attribute to risk-taking celebs like Solange, who wore a caped jumpsuit for her wedding in 2014.

Now, if only the cost of the rest of the wedding would go down too!



Kate Middleton - $630,000

Kim Kardashian - $580,000

Amal Clooney - $550,000

Victoria Beckham - $145,000