Woman in wedding dress crashes her EX'S WEDDING and begs him to take her back

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Photo / Getty

A jilted ex-lover has gone viral after gate-crashing her ex-boyfriend's wedding and begging him to come back to her, all while dressed as a bride.

Caught on camera, the wedding in China quickly turned sour when the ex-girlfriend storms in, allegedly yelling "it was my fault" and kneeling in front of her ex-lover as he stands on a stage with his bride who watches on in shock.

About to finalise their vows with a kiss, the couple was understandably shaken, and the bride is seen leaving the stage as the embarrassing drama unfolds.

The groom appears to be genuinely caught by surprise and can be seen fighting off the ex-girlfriend's physical advances. Eventually, he takes off, chasing after his true bride while the ex-girlfriend remains on stage with her face in her hands.

The bride's family members also looked shocked by the appearance of the old love rival.

According to Star Video, the groom split with his ex-girlfriend because the pair's personalities were simply too different.

First shared by an entertainment blogger, the video gained popularity and was widely shared across Chinese media, reports the Daily Mail.

Users of the Chinese social media site Weibo were quick to express their support for the bride and slammed the "unreasonable" ex.

One comment read: "Do not destroy other's relationship to satisfy your own obsession."

Another added: "This is exactly why you can't be friends with an ex."

While a third noted they felt the bride made the right choice to leave the wedding: "This is more than inappropriate. From the stand point of the bride, how could the wedding carry on?"

Watch the video here:

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.