The Moment Jeremy Kyle was Knocked to the Floor by Fighting Sisters

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 October 2016, 2:03PM

The latest Jeremy Kyle segment titled: 'I'll prove we're not sisters - can you prove you're not on drugs?' saw a drama-filled 30 seconds within the first minute.

Sisters Emma and Kelly appeared on the show to try and sort their beef out, but the frustrations had reached boiling point. While Emma was talking to Jeremy, Kelly ran out from backstage and jumped at her sibling.

The camera very cleverly cut away from Jeremy as the impact happened, but we can still see the audience reactions and aftermath of the tumble.

Afterwards, Jeremy then says: "I'm just back from holiday, I opened my mouth and get flattened by that.

"Steve! [security] Where were you? I'm supposed to be the reason this show stays together.

"Where were you?"

Thankfully, Jeremy was unhurt.