Toddler Has Tea Party With Police Officer Who Saved Her Life One Year Ago

Publish Date
Monday, 1 August 2016, 3:06PM

A Texas police officer sat down for a "tea party" last week with a 2-year-old girl whose life he saved one year ago!

Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved Bexley when she was choking on a coin at her home in Rowlett, Texas last year.

After the coin became lodged in Bexley's throat, her Mother Tammy Norvell phoned 911.

Norvell recalls Ray being there within minutes. 

He was able to pry Bexley's mouth open to perform a "finger sweep." His body camera captured the moment she started breathing again.

"It was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard in my entire life," Ray told CNN affiliate KTVT.

To celebrate a year of life after that scary day, Bexley's mother, Tammy Norvell, wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion.

She decided on a photoshoot, in the theme of a tea party where the two unlikely friends shared Apple Jacks and Oreos.

Ray saved Bexley's life that day, "I'm not going to let someone like that walk out of my life," Norvelle said.