Watch: Model Freaks Out When She Discovers New Technology Changes the COLOUR of her Dress!

Publish Date
Friday, 4 November 2016, 3:47PM

This video from Australian company Showpo, which allegedly shows off some crazy new color-changing fabric technology.

Showpo CEO Jane Lu explains that she wants to show off some new technology she’s been working on for a while. “This is going to be next level,” she says.

And it certainly is; watch the video, where you can see the colour actually CHANGE!

According to an interview Showpo rep Kelly McCarren did with, the dress is made from a “special fabric that can reflect different light frequencies” and is linked to a device that can alter which frequency (and therefore which color) the light reflects.

However, a lot of people are doubting it is 100% real...

Do you think it's real? Either way, the future is most certainly real.