"World's Greatest Dad" Photographs Life as a First Time Father

It's the unlikely family photo album that is making dads the world over feel pretty alright about their parenting skills.

What started as one goofy picture taken by a bleary-eyed first-time father poking fun at his own cluelessness spawned a series that became a viral sensation and has now been published as a coffee table book.

But no one is more surprised at the success than the perplexed parent behind the project, Dave Engledow, who has been creating the playful images since the birth of his daughter, Alice Bee, who is now three.

'I always sort of thought – because I have a dark sense of humor – that if the photos ever did go viral the responses would be more negative,' the married man told People Magazine.

'But there's a lot of people out there who find humor in the unconventional'