Laura McGoldrick opens up about her emotional journey with weight and food after giving birth to her baby girl

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 1:00PM

Laura McGoldrick has opened up about her strained relationship with her body weight, especially after giving birth to her baby girl Harley.

"We can be particularly hard on ourselves, and I always have been," Laura revealed on air. "Weight has always been my Achilles heel."

"So having a baby was always going to be a real battle for me because I have grappled so much with my weight in my life."

"I put on a lot of weight when I had Harley I did feel very out of control," she added.

However, it was her 17-month-old baby girl who helped inspire her to put her health and self-esteem first.

"I really want to set a good example for my daughter, that’s my biggest thing," Laura explained.

"That was always my biggest fear about becoming a mum of a daughter, is that I don’t have a healthy relationship with my body and how I feel about myself and all I want is my daughter to know how perfect and beautiful and wonderful she is."

Laura then revealed that she has adopted intermittent fasting into her eating habits since the beginning of the year and says she has lost 10 kgs since she started doing it.

"It may not work forever but at the moment it’s working for me," Laura said, admitting that she still has a long journey ahead of her, but feels like she has been able to regain some of the control she felt she lost during her pregnancy.

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