'Breakfast' host Jenny-May Clarkson proudly shows off stunning new 'wedding ring' tattoo

Breakfast's Jenny-May Clarkson won't be losing her wedding ring ever again.

On this mornings show, Clarkson explained to her co-hosts this morning that she had a tattoo done on her finger and hand as she kept losing her original ring.

Clarkson had the piece done by Morehu Te Tomo, as a tribute to her husband Dean, as well as her father.

"That is now my wedding ring, my husband and I got this done yesterday.

"To be fair, a lot of motivation comes from the fact I lose rings," she explained to her co-hosts.

"We both had greenstone rings made from the same piece, and I broke it and lost it, and now I've been wearing $20 rings," she laughed.

"To me, it [a ring] is just symbolism, and says nothing about the connection between us, but this does."

"My husband's in there, and there's also some thoughts around my dad."

"It's a beautiful thing for my husband and I."

Her fellow Breakfast hosts loved it, with John Campbell calling it a "lovely, lovely piece of work" and Hayley Holt saying it was "beautiful".

Clarkson said she felt privileged to have it done, but admitted it was painful - "anybody that says it doesn't hurt, they're lying."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.