REVEALED: One of the most outrageous moments on 'Married At First Sight' was scripted!

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019, 9:23AM

Another day, another drama!

Following on from the scandal that Mike Gunner is actually an actor, it turns out there's been more falseness on the new season of Married At First Sight Australia.


It turns out one of the most outrageous scenes to air so far, was actually entirely made up.

Remember the best man speech at Mick and Jessika's wedding?

The one where he told guests about a Viagra-fuelled night and a trip to the hospital?

Well, according to Daily Mail Australia, a source close to the groom revealed ol' mate Broxy is "deeply embarrassed" by his speech.

"He made the whole bloody thing up and now he regrets it."

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"He's embarrassed he got dragged into everything. There was no Viagra, no-one went to hospital despite what he said. He was just playing up to the cameras and trying to make people laugh," the source said.

And apparently, viewers didn't even see the full speech.

"It got so much worse. It was absolutely disgusting," the insider added.

Oh snap!