Puffer jacket-style dresses now exist and they will make you question everything you knew about fashion!

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 12:03PM

We're not sure how to feel about this ...

But if you're a lover of a practical puffer jacket, this could be the perfect dress for you!

The Italian brand Moncler has created a cross between a standard puffer coat and a gown - featuring wide A-line floor-length skirts, quilt detailing and sleeveless bodices with a high neckline.

The statement maxis come in either bubblegum pink or cobalt blue ... and they have pockets.

According to Moncler, the dresses are "inspired by the Madonnas of the Renaissance."

But if you had your heart set on actually becoming a proud owner of one of these bad boys, you'll be disappointed to learn that they don't come cheap.

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The dress will set you back a jaw-dropping £1835 direct from the Moncler website.

While over at Barneys, they're retailing for an eye-watering £2,120.52.

Moncler didn’t stop there, however, they even released puffer coat gloves (which, by the way, are so popular that they’ve already sold out at Barney’s)!

We know it's "fashun" and everything, but we can't help being reminded of the Michelin Man.

What do you think? Has the trend been taken a little too far?