So hairy leggings are actually now a thing...

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 3:49PM

When a US company released a hairy chest swimsuit last month, the internet couldn't get enough of the $44 (NZ$60) costume.

And now a British fabric design company has offered some more garments styled on the hairier species of the human race. 

The most eye-catching of the range is a pair of hairy leggings - available in any skin tone you choose.

Hirsuites you, madam: UK company Contrado has unleashed  hairy leggings on the world

In fact, the images of hairy legs are just photos printed on the leggings using the latest digital technology - but it isn't to tell when you're not close up.

Contrado, the company behind the eyebrow-raising design say the boundaries are constantly being pushed for more outlandish ideas when it comes to clothing.

The trend for wearing other people's bodies is growing says UK design company Contrado who can put any design on clothing


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