Lady Gaga unveils song Always Remember Us This Way from A Star Is Born and it will make your heart swell

Publish Date
Thursday, 15 November 2018, 12:30PM

Lady Gaga has unveiled another song from her movie A Star Is Born – and will absolutely make your heart burst.

The video for the emotional ballad Always Remember Us This Way shows Gaga scenes from the film, alongside actor Bradley Cooper, who also directed the movie.

"So when I'm all choked up / But I can't find the words / Every time we say goodbye / Baby, it hurts / When the sun goes down / And the band won't play / I'll always remember us this way," Gaga sings in the love song.

Fans praised the song online, commenting on how the emotion she showed during her performance was "so special" and that the track is their "song of the year".

"God this song is so awesome," one commenter wrote, "the rawness of it, the passion she puts behind the intense live performance and his masculine rugged look ... In my opinion, the star was born in the movie when she nailed this performance! Deserves all the praise and awards that this film will indubitably receive."

This is the fourth music video to be released from A Star Is Born, after, I'll Never Love AgainLook What I Found, and Shallow, which has become a smash hit, receiving more than 70million views on YouTube.