Pinterest Picks: The hottest new colour and cold weather must-have

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 9:00AM

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Check out this week's top picks:

Sarah's Pick: Yellow is the new pink!

My pick this week is a colour!

You know how everything has been in that blush pink? Throws, couches, duvet covers, coats - everything. That kind of dusty rose? Wel,l there’s a new colour in town - it’s called Gen-Z Yellow (called that because 18-24 you are the Gen Z and are the loneliest generation - so they need cheering up).

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Yellow sweaters, dresses, jackets - you’re about to see it everywhere. If you don’t suit yellow, that’s ok - The colour is popping up on bags, hats, iPhone cases - so there’s plenty of options if you want to embrace the trend without it being near your face or you looking like Big Bird.

Sam's Pick: A winter must-have

With the winter weather upon us which means we all need a brolly ...

Unless of course, you park under the building (like me) haha.

Blunt knows how to make umbrellas ... 

We put one in a wind tunnel ... got it up to 80km before it caused any damage.

They have teamed up with Karen Walker and they look awesome. $99 for the small one that fits perfectly behind your seat.

Toni's Pick: Cutest little bath for bubba

With the Prime Minister due in just over 4 weeks ... and with my little boy due in August I've been thinking about all the things I'd like to get for his arrival.

I saw this on Instagram and thought it looked super cute! They look super soft and come in all kinds of colours.

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Especially when you don't want to put your little newborn in a hard plastic baby bath! They're called Blooming Baby Lotus Baths and you can buy them for $69.99 from

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