McDonald’s Workers Give 93-Year-Old Widower The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Hundreds of customers come through the doors of the McDonald’s in Workington in the United Kingdom every single week.

However, one gentleman has stuck out in the minds of the workers there.

Harry, who is a 93-year-old widower, comes in to eat at least six times every week and orders a happy meal.

Sadly, Harry’s wife, Martha, passed away in 2009, leaving Harry both sad and alone.

So in a touching act of generosity, the workers did something extra-special to let Harry know that there are people out there who care about him.

The McDonald’s staff members hung up banners and blew up balloons in honor of Harry’s birthday. When he came in that day, they surprised him with whisky, shortbread, and the news that he would never have to pay for a Happy Meal again.

Harry said, “When they threw me the surprise party, I had to wipe my eyes.”

The workers wanted Harry to know just how much he meant to them. One crew member, Jack Holliday, said, “We get regular customers, but he’s one that stands out. He’s bubbly and full of life, especially for a 93-year-old.”

What a beautiful thing to do.